Union Avoidance

With the AFL-CIO and Change to Win committing millions of dollars and other resources to unionizing through the 21st century, union activity is on the rise.  For employers with union-free facilities, such activity can disrupt daily operations and build a wall between management and employees.  In many respects, this destroys the positive work environment most employers seek and, ultimately, hurts the bottom line.  

We help clients stay union-free by providing creative counsel and management training on maintaining union-free status and, when necessary, responding to the threat of union organizing. 

When a union campaign occurs or when a union election is held, we actively advise our clients on how to successfully meet such challenges.  Through our effective advice and counsel, we have helped many employers across the country win National Labor Relations Board elections or avoid union elections altogether.

Union Avoidance Victories

  • A union attempted to unionize one of our client’s fast food restaurants in New York.  The union was defeated by a vote of 18-2.  The margin of victory would have been greater but the union challenged seven votes expected to be pro-company.
  • A union attempted to unionize a four-year-old produce wholesaler in California.  For legal and strategic reasons, we expanded the driver/warehouse unit to include the sales department.  On election day, the employees voted 47 to 24 to remain union-free. 
  • Defeated a unionizing drive at a major utility company.
  • With our counsel, our client defeated an IUE union drive in Indiana 218 to 106.