Labor Relations

We provide aggressive and effective counsel in such areas as collective bargaining and contract administration, improved relations with unions, strike preparation, defending unfair labor practice allegations before the National Labor Relations Board and handling grievance and arbitration proceedings. When employees express their intent to rid themselves of a union, we guide the employer through the decertification process.

Among other things, we advise employers regarding:

  • Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements,
  • Unfair labor practice charges,
  • Neutrality agreement requests,
  • Arbitration of grievances,
  • Traditional third party pressures (i.e. picketing or hand billing),
  • Work stoppages,
  • Reductions in workforce,
  • Strike preparation, and
  • Decertification of unions.

Labor Relations Victories

  • We counseled a West Virginia client through the successful decertification of the IBEW after more than 30 years of union representation.
  • After twelve months of negotiating with the UAW in Chicago, we prepared our client for a strike that failed after less than seven days. This was immediately followed by the employees’ rejection of the union and the company’s return to union-free status.
  • After less than two hours of work, we obtained the withdrawal of an Unfair Labor Practice Charge filed at the National Labor Relations Board’s Indianapolis office (some of our biggest victories cost our clients the least).
  • A unionized, New York client discharged an employee for fighting. We were able to uphold the discharge in arbitration, even though the fight was not directly on the premises, and the supervisor involved testified that the discharge was too harsh.