HR Counseling / Strategies

Human Resources professionals routinely depend on us for innovative solutions to the difficult legal and operational problems involved in managing their employees.  When our clients come to us with compliance questions, we evaluate all relevant laws and make an informed, strategic decision.  

We deal with a variety of compliance issues on a daily basis, including:

  • Complex wage and hour issues such as entitlement to overtime or other premium pay, calculation of overtime pay, recordkeeping obligations, and payment of vacation or personal sick pay;
  • Federal and state leave entitlements;
  • Reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act;
  • Drug and alcohol testing;
  • Investigating discrimination and harassment complaints;
  • Rights of veterans returning to the workplace; and
  • Discipline and termination.

Employee Handbooks and Internal Policies

In addition to addressing specific compliance questions and strategies, we counsel Human Resources professionals  on developing and maintaining effective, up-to-date employee handbooks and internal personnel policies.  We regularly assist clients with policies such as:

  • Social networking,
  • Workplace computer use,
  • Protecting private employee data,
  • Reductions in workforce,
  • Workplace safety,
  • Employee assistance programs,
  • Workplace investigations,
  • Progressive discipline, and
  • Parental and adoptive leave.