HR Audits

To succeed, you must know where you stand. Many employers make the mistake of operating under the assumption that they are in compliance with all federal and state laws. All too often, however, they are not. While the penalties for such violations can be significant, the proactive solutions are often simple and cost effective. The only true way to assure your compliance is to educate yourself in advance or wait until a long, expensive lawsuit or investigation forces you to learn about your obligations.

As partners with our clients, we strive to avoid labor and employment legal problems before they arise. From our clients’ perspective, a key to this goal is understanding what the federal and state governments require of employers. Our HR Audit is your road map to this goal. As part of our audit, we provide a list of the major state and federal laws with which employers must comply and then meet with the key people responsible for Human Resources and Operations and discuss where their company stands in terms of both compliance and strategic concerns. In three hours your business can progress from hoping you are in compliance and strategically aligned in the right direction to knowing exactly where you stand.

Some of the topics we discuss are:

  • State-mandated sexual harassment training;
  • Leave-policies;
  • Covenants not to compete – do you use them, should you use them and are they enforceable?
  • Discharge procedures, including when the final paycheck must be delivered and the employee’s entitlement to “earned” benefits;
  • Hiring processes, including the forms you must send the state and your new employee;
  • Employer obligations to provide time off and pay for jury duty;
  • Privacy issues and drug testing;
  • Solicitation and distribution rules;
  • Maintaining employment-at-will status;
  • I-9 obligations and practices;
  • The Civil Rights laws;
  • WARN obligations; and
  • Wrongful hire, retention and job references.