What We Do

From the board room to the court room, Brody and Associates provides innovative strategies to tackle all our clients’ labor and employment legal issues.

Counselors and Advocates

We counsel our clients on all workplace issues that arise during the course of the employment relationship.  Whether the issue involves a single employee or a company-wide policy, our guidance enables our clients to make informed employment decisions which maximize the prospects of avoiding costly, time-consuming litigation.

However, no matter how much care has been taken to make and implement sound employment decisions, employees often sue. As litigators, we aggressively and economically represent our clients in all proceedings before Federal, State and Local courts and agencies throughout the United States in lawsuits alleging age, race, sex and other forms of discrimination, wage and hour violations, wrongful discharge and all other workplace issues.

Below are some of the specific issues we are often called upon to handle:

  • Discrimination and Harassment – Punitive damages and attorneys fees awarded in discrimination and harassment cases can be in the hundreds of thousands, and even sometimes millions of dollars. Learn More »
  • Wage and Hour – One of the fastest growing areas of litigation is wage and hour violations.  We help clients maintain compliance to minimize claims and advocate on their behalf when under investigation by the Department of Labor. Learn More »
  • Labor Relations – We provide aggressive and effective counsel in such areas as collective bargaining and contract administration, improved relations with unions, strike preparation, defending unfair labor practice allegations,  and handling grievance and arbitration proceedings. Learn More »
  • Union Avoidance – As a forceful advocate for Management, Brody and Associates provides effective counsel to maintain union-free status along with immediate strategies to defeat the threat of union organizing. Learn More »
  • Restrictive Covenants / Non-Compete Agreements – We help employers protect against unfair competition and against the dissemination of confidential information by drafting effective restrictive covenants and, when necessary, enforcing them in state and federal courts. Learn More »
  • HR Counseling / Strategies – Human Resources professionals often rely on us for innovative solutions to the difficult legal and operational problems involved in managing their employees. Learn More »
  • HR Audits – In three hours your business can progress from hoping you are in compliance and strategically aligned in the right direction to knowing exactly where you stand. Learn More »
  • Mergers and Acquisition Due Diligence – You would never merge with or acquire a company without analyzing its financial “book.” Shouldn’t you do the same with its Labor, Employment and Employee Benefits “books?” Learn More »
  • Site Survey – When your business expands, the obvious question is “where.” A site survey will tell you, from a Labor, Employment and Employee Benefits perspective, which option is best. Learn More »