Brody and Associates regularly participates in speaking engagements across the country.  The firm offers specialized seminars for clients to provide perspective on the latest developments and best practices in employment law.  In-person seminar programs have covered topics such as:

  • Defeating Unionizing Through Positive Employee Relations – a practical and strategic guide to how supervisors and managers can maintain a union-free environment. This union-free training seminar is offered at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Advanced levels include role play and workshops.
  • Response to the Threat of Union Organizing – When a company finds out about union organizing, it is often times too late to do anything about it. This seminar teaches supervisors and managers how to respond to a sudden threat of union organizing. This seminar is offered in both introductory and advanced levels.
  • Creating and Living a Harassment-Free Environment – training your supervisors and employees on sexual harassment. We will go over what is considered sexual harassment, the legal bases for claims of sexual harassment, and how you can ensure a workplace free of harassment.
  • Managing in the 21st Century: A Survey of Employment Laws – a general overview of all relevant state and federal employment laws affecting your company.  Topics include hiring, discipline, discharge, record keeping requirements, leave laws, posting requirements, and fair employment principles.
  • Handling Poor Performance and Misconduct – how to motivate problem employees using coaching, counseling and corrective action.
  • Employee Handbooks and Supervisors’ Guides – effective tools for successful employee relations. Focus is on the importance of effective Employee Handbooks and Supervisors’ Guides. The seminar can be specifically tailored to your company’s handbook.
  • Workplace Violence – strive for the best, plan for the worst. The number of murders and assaults in the workplace is staggering. This seminar shows how your company can prevent violence in the workplace and maintain a safe environment.
  • Peer Review Programs – how to develop and implement a successful peer review program.
  • Self-directed Work Teams – utilizing self-directed work teams, a formula for success.
  • Constructing Offer Letters – what should they say…or not say? Without knowing it, employers can create contracts or destroy the employment-at-will relationship by poorly wording offer letters. A suggested offer letter template will be provided, along with tips on how to use offer letters effectively.
  • A Survey of Employment-at-will and Civil Rights Laws – how you can maintain a healthy, positive work environment. This seminar discusses employment discrimination based on classifications such as race, religion, sex, disability, and pregnancy. Emphasis is placed on hiring and firing practices.
  • Diversity Training – how managing diversity can create a competitive advantage.  Training will be provided on how to recognize stereotypes and how to get the most out of a diverse workplace.
  • Hot Topics in Labor and Employment Law – a look at some of the newest and most controversial labor and employment laws and how your company can adjust. Topics will vary based on current events and legislation.
  • Wage and Hour Laws From A to Z – educate your employees on all wage and hour laws in order to avoid violations. Topics include the proper classifications for workers, overtime calculations, independent contractors, record keeping requirements and child labor laws.

For a further list of topics we cover, locations of recent programs or assistance in designing a specialized program for your company, please e-mail us at or call us at 203.965.0560.