Old Form I-9 Remains Valid Past Its Own Expiration Date

Written by Robert G. Brody on July 15, 2009
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) announced that the Employment Verification Form I-9 with the expiration date 6/30/09 will continue to be valid beyond June 30, 2009. USCIS will update Form I-9 in the coming months. Until then, employers will be able to use Form I-9 with the revision date of 2/2/09.

The reason the Form was revised earlier this year was due to a change in the types of acceptable proof in columns A and B. Employers should review this list to make sure they are only accepting currently valid documentation.

We will update you when a new revision of Form I-9 is published by the USCIS. Until then, be sure to use the 2/2/09 Form I-9.

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